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A wooden house above the treetops

not far from Salzburg

(We translated the original text from Slovenian to English)

An interesting wooden house rises above Salzburg, which the architects called

the house above the trees due to its location and choice of materials.


Author: Nika Arsovski 

The front of the building opens onto the green landscape, while the side faces Salzburg. This also explains the location of the openings. The building consists of three floors, and the entrance is led across the courtyard on the ground floor, which was also dictated by the slightly sloping terrain. The architects designed a garden apartment in the basement, and a living room on the first floor, which is reflected in the predominantly glazed surfaces. This also offers a roof to the previously mentioned courtyard and is the common thread of the entire building. There is a private spa on the top floor with access to a large terrace. Canopies and terraces protect the facility from overheating and unpredictable weather conditions.

A shingle facade between treetops


The primary relationship to the outdoor space is created by tall glazed surfaces that frame views of the landscape. It was precisely the provision of picturesque views that guided the architects of the lechner & lechner studio in designing the building, so you can also admire the surrounding mountains from the bathroom. The focus of the design was on the central living room on the first floor, where they wanted to create the impression that the entire space is floating above the treetops. This is also reflected in the shingle facade, where the wood blends beautifully into the sea of ​​the surrounding forest.

Wood, concrete and steel


The kitchen and living room impress with a picturesque view of the Salzburg mountain landscape. The relationship between wood and concrete is also expressed in the kitchen – while the concrete kitchen block stands still, the free-standing kitchen element turns towards the mountain background. Even otherwise, the building is a mixture of wooden construction, concrete visible walls and steel, which at the same time creates dynamics and contrasts. All elements are structurally in contact with the ground, even the core of the building is made of reinforced concrete. In contrast to the central concrete core, the envelope is made of wood, as is the entire living floor. For support, the architects used steel girders, which were deliberately not hidden in the envelope, but instead displayed in all their raw beauty.


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