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Daniel Kreuzsaler (* 1995) visited the building construction branch of the HTL Salzburg and was able to build up extensive knowledge in the technical field there at an early stage. In order to follow his calling, he accepted two hours a day in each direction from Wagrain to Salzburg by public transport. In order to be able to expand his knowledge to include practical components, he worked as a student in various craft businesses and on various construction sites. In 2015 he graduated from the HTL with the architectural conception of a new kindergarten in his hometown Wagrain. In addition to his architecture studies at the University of Innsbruck, which he started in 2016, Daniel was able to further expand his practical knowledge through his work in construction management and other companies involved in construction. The peculiarities of his career in the field of tension between theory and practice give Daniel Kreuzsaler a far-reaching overview of the building and architecture discourse. He has been contributing his expertise to the Lechner & Lechner architectural office since 2018. His specialization in digital architecture production at the University of Innsbruck rounds off him as an architect for the future.

In addition to his professional activities, Daniel is a passionate freeride skier. Occasionally he brings his knowledge to his father's ski school as a ski instructor.

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