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" Schlaglichter - Keinem seine Gestalt "

ANTON PUSTET PUBLISHING COMPANY/ ISBN 3-7025-0368-4 / Authorship at the publishing company and Johannes Schallhammer - Article by Christine and Horst Lechner    


The following is a fragmentary section of the discussion about the city. It is a testimony of a commitment to our city. Salzburg is a global city with modern problems. The concern about the dynamic change of its borders deep into the surrounding countryside, which dissolves the public, whose informal eye is one-sidedly focused on the center-old town our resistance, is the reason for our initiatives. 



We, the inhabitants of our city, have to create our own cultural environment. We need projection screens that make permanent changes and the formation of identity possible. The goal is the discussion of comprehensive content, far beyond the aesthetics. Therefore, the method of our approach is important. We need a combination of theory and practice, which draws its potential from the dialogue of all interested parties.Representatives from business, politics, the public and culture are called upon to lead this dialogue, to recognize the problems that arise in urban development, to act in addition to the plan review and the design advisory board and thereby, open the way to urban development.A real integrated university life, the initiative architecture; city planning and the architects chamber try to point out new possibilities through workshops and concrete project ideas that result from the collaboration between science and practice. As a new tool, urban development combines the workshop method (EASW) with a European exchange of experiences; the ETH Zurich and the University of Dortmund is in this case interested in integrating this collaboration into workshops. This represents the next step in the continuation of the Salzburg architectural reform. 


The following are highlights of the architectural and urban development debate that became important in the past year: 



Where in Europe is Berlin – a lecture series by Berlin colleagues in the spring of 1996 on the situation of architecture. Twelve studio celebrations under the title "Inviting Others" are one of many different platforms for Salzburg's architectural discussion. 


If a city like Salzburg believes in its future, then it establishes public and social buildings, infrastructure projects and achieves a transparent communication structure within the city. It makes room for innovative development methods to enable rapid change. It creates a climate of trust. The commitment of its inhabitants and companies is important, no contribution must be lost due to bad tooling equipment; it is valuable for the big picture.



It is no coincidence that an entire generation of young architects is taking initiative. IT comes here with the radical dismay! We are lying in wait, creating delight, providing guidance for unhappiness because we question the assumption of models for old and new theorization in urban planning and architecture instead of consolidating them.


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