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Carpe Diem – Finest Fingerfood

Authorship with the publisher and Petra Wagner & Daniel Schvarcz

For those who think that the highest culinary delights and uncomplicated delights are incompatible, Carpe Diem is recommended. In the noble ambience of the gourmet restaurant, guests encounter a culinary innovation – finger food that has no equal. Carpe Diem stands for "pleasure" and "wellness" for all of the senses. The restaurant presents itself in an aesthetically fascinating way with curved forms, pleasant colors, and above all, noble materials. An exuberant lighting concept creates a harmonious atmosphere. Upon entering, the distinctive high tables invite you to a stylish retreat or the perfectly formed finger food bar for a chill-out evening; directly next to it, the teahouse offers the best teas, freshly brewed and presented in fine porcelain, as well as excellent Arabica coffees.Delicious homemade pies and cakes, such as the small Gletscher-Gugelhupf covered in fine white chocolate, are recommended. The beautifully curved staircase leads guests to the upper floor, where the champagne bar with its atmospheric lounge greets them.With its exquisite leather armchairs, it offers the ideal home for well-maintained entertainment. For the fine menu, the guest finds his place in the stylish, dignified restaurant; hidden in niches, red leather couches are waiting for the subsequent, rather casual get-together, promising the guest relaxed moments in an elegant environment.Whoever spoils his guests with comfort will achieve true mastery in the kitchen: with its unique finger food, Carpe Diem offers the most delicious gourmet snack at the highest level. It presents its delicacies in ice cream cones -or Stanitzel-like containers. These crunchy cones are filled with delicious delicacies such as scallops on green asparagus, mousseline, and venison prosciutto with celeriac puree, with classics such as the tender Tafelspitz, savory tartare, and trendy chicken wings – each one sparkles on the palate a festival of flavors.The exquisite finger food offers gourmet cuisine for a quick lunch, as well as a snack in between; chosen as a multi-course menu, as well as the enjoyable accompaniment of a culinary evening. The restaurant also offers a la carte dishes served concurrently. The view from the elegant terrace to the illustrious scenario of the Salzburg Old Town is enchanting. Carpe Diem captivates with its relaxing and serene atmosphere that still retains it’s sophistication. The lightness and elegance of the flow between each part of the space puts everything into harmony - beguiled by this mood, nothing seems easier than to use the favor of the hour, to enjoy the here and now and - according to the maxim of the house - the day to celebrate in the best pleasurable and sensual way: Carpe Diem.

Tanja Gündling

Authorship with the publisher and Petra Wagner & Daniel Schvarcz


In order to discover international fashion trends, one does not necessarily have to travel to the metropolises of the world. Her multi-brand store, whose simple logo stands out from the sea of splendid baroque plaques on Getreidegasse, lives up to its promise: with bright and clear lines, Tanja Gündling presents her extravagant designer fashion.  Matte black granite floors, the simple white of the historic cross vault, and the historically protected, age-old wooden ceiling all form a contrasting alliance with the cool elegance of the glass showcases and steel poles - optimally lit by countless spotlights and occasionally interrupted by color accents.Tanja Gündling's collections focus on individual labels, which mainly come from young, partly unknown designers. Playful Italian models are lined with puristic Scandinavian models - sometimes dignified, sometimes funky, but always exclusive.The style and personality of the designers are first and foremost the deciding factor during the selection process. The fashion expert relies solely on her instinct to detect international trends.Like in Los Angeles, where she found some American designer brands that are hard to find in this country. Meanwhile, these designer brangs hang - exclusively in Europe - in the specially designed L.A. Corner by Tanja Gündling, bringing a touch of Hollywood glamor to Salzburg. Their varied assortment offers the ideal outfit for every occasion, from casual leisure clothing to a stylish jogging suit and elegant evening wear.Harmonious accessories, Italian shoes, and handmade jewelry all complete the offer. There is also a high-quality children's collection, which is located next door in the 80 square meter fashion shop.With her unconventional concept, she met the spirit of the times in the more traditionally oriented Salzburg - and the desire of many customers. In addition, she realizes a long-cherished dream, because fashion is Tanja Gündling's great passion.As a teenager, she would design her own clothes and promote them to her friends. Her studies at a fashion school were followed by training as a retailer. However, theoretical design and implementation was not her true passion; the Frankfurt native with the Scandinavian-style accent loves contact with the customer. She wants to see how fashion influences the customer and brings out their personality. Many repeat customers rely on her judgment, including males, who find on the first floor of the avant-garde business on another 100 square meters alees for the gentleman, from the jeans to the jacket, from sporty - casual to stylish - elegnat. Tanja Gündling’s fashion repertoire and fine sense of triumphant style creates a repertoire that appeals to local sports and culture stars.

Afro Cafe  - Salzburg - Trends und Lifestyle


Authorship with the publisher and Petra Wagner & Daniel Schvarcz


The young, colorful, and cheerful ambience of the "Afro Café" opens up a uniquely trendy spot - and rightly so, but the trendy eatery is even better: owner Dieter Mateschitz celebrates the new Africa and wants to not only establish the best African coffee and tea, but also wants to encourage emerging contemporary artists and designers. The entire interior comes from South Africa - the colorful chandelier like the attractive snake: both were created from findings from the beach, which make "garbage" a decorative eye-catcher. In addition, the "Afro Café" offers culinary African highlights - with 100-percent, spicy and delicious Arabica coffee and teas from wild flower or refined fruits that exude the scent of Africa.The authentic kitchen dazzles with exotic refinement - samosas, fried dough stuffed with biltong (air-dried beef), homemade pineapple ketchup, spicy boboti stew from minced beef, or coconut-ginger-curry marinated zanzibari chicken.For breakfast, there is either crispy flatbread with orange cardamom marmalade, later Afro-tapas, or falafel to satisfy your hunger. Occasionally on Wednesdays, "Afro Disiakum", a delicious foray into the kitchen, is offered. In the shop, guests can purchase all of this to take home. The uncommon life-affirming mood, particularly with evening drum music, makes the "Afro Cafe" a pleasant oasis of vitality, that time and space can forget - the passing horse carriage appears as if from another continent.



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