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year: 1991  | typologie: residential | status: complete

Architekturbüro Lechner & Lechner

The floor plan:

The entrance from the west leads via a diversion in the expected walking direction, into an anteroom, to the cloakroom, toilet and access to the separate guest room, from which the surprising floor plan can be experienced and one unexpectedly reaches the inner courtyard Kitchens encompass this courtyard.

Despite the flowing transition, the visual separation between the two-story living and kitchen area is achieved.

On the upper floor, the house is divided into two wings: children's and parents' area, both areas each have their own bathroom. The routing on the upper floor always makes the courtyard situation with its internal and external views clear.

Wood is not associated with the destruction of nature, but it has to be degraded with the attributes "cheap", "not very durable" and "poor". It was once the material of times of need. As a building material, however, the purely natural product is not to be despised. Since wood breathes, it is an ideal climate regulator, even thin wooden walls insulate well. Their thermal insulation is also sufficient. And it appears - compared to steel, glass and concrete - to many people cozier and sweeter. Beyond the romanticism of a log cabin, an atrium house was built in Kuchl near Salzburg. The architect couple Christine and Horst mainly used larch and spruce wood and, for special areas, also industrial multilayer panels. The frame construction was made of larch wood. The horizontal formwork is also made of larch wood and will take on a weathered, gray appearance over the years. The house closes the cold north side and has not a single window in this direction. The insulation consists of waste paper (cellulose). Paper granulate was provided with a binding agent and blown into cavities. The construction costs of the house with 240 square meters of living space, in which a family of five lives, were kept within limits at less than 20,000 Schillig per m².

Architekten Lechner & Lechner / Horst & Christine Lechner / Architekten in Salzburg / Holzarchitektur 1991
Architekten Lechner & Lechner / Horst & Christine Lechner / Architeken in Salzburg / Holzachritektur 1991

A house with a symbolic effect. Image of the living and living ideas of the client, but also the architectural, yes, artistic and philosophical harmony of client and architect. A constellation that both parties want when building. The courtyard, U-shape and column arrangement of the house evoke associations with earlier building traditions. But none of this is recourse or quotation here, the whole and its parts are rather convincing functionalism, which the form does not simply follow, but rather interprets it creatively in the sense of architecture. The concept of this unusual house is best understood if you walk through it mentally and try to imagine the obviously different effects of the room. Key words for planning: clear south orientation of the building, the east-west orientation according to the room functions, an extremely rational, as a system applied, wooden construction with a clear separation of the supports from the legible expansion through panels, glass and sliding doors, a wall and roof structure Low-energy house standard with cost-saving glazing without window or door pieces and simple vent windows that only consist of insulating glass panes attached to hinges.


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