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year: 2006  | typologie: residential | status: complete

Altstadt Salzburg Umbau

This project is an attic conversion in the center of Salzburg. The basic intention is to transform the qualities of rural life into an urban context. These qualities include private living and generous open spaces. The issue of urban exodus is of elementary importance due to its impact on the ecological footprint. The family has lived and worked in this old town house for generations, but there was no private space. In order to protect the valuable historical building substance,

the open space allocated to the apartment was dimensioned to save space. The free space was therefore optically drawn deep into the room as an incision in the shape of the roof and interwoven with the interior. The basic intention is to enable pleasurable and dust-free living. For this purpose, an existing chimney block was supplemented by a concrete kitchen and an open fireplace - the fire forms the center of the room.

Altstadt Salzburg
Altstadt Salzburg

The entire kitchen unit is detached from the floor and therefore appears almost weightless despite its massive construction. The "Black Box", a cube made of black MDF panels detached from the floor and ceiling, is designed as a wet room and combines the functions of infrared, shower and toilet. The interior of the "Black Box" is papered on all sides with bright red swimming pool foil - floor, wall and ceiling. This pop effect stands in stark contrast to the medieval context of the building and creates an atmospheric dynamic. In summary, this apartment is a center of family coexistence, which enables a family deeply rooted in the city to enjoy a new, contemporary form of living. A geometry of the sky above the roofs of the city, a hortus conclusus as a feel-good task for yearning city dwellers.


Altstadt Salzburg - Architektur


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