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Baukunst in Salzburg

Otto Kapfinger - Roman Höllbacher - Norbert Mayr

Residential House and Office in Salzburg 

The three-story living tower stands above a former car garage, which has already been used as an office for sometime by the architect couple that planned it, dispels the lies of those who claim that there is no room for contemporary buildings in Salzburg's Old Town. Tenaciously pursuing their idea, Horst and Christine Lechner have fulfilled their dream of living in the Old Town, complete with a view of the dome of the Holy Trinity Church designed by Johann Fischer von Erlachs. The steel-construction house ideally combines the functions of living, working, and leisure. Each floor has its purpose and with each ascending floor, the feeling of privacy increases. The spacious roof terrace with a wonderful rose garden is an unexpected hortus conclusus found in the middle of the old town.The fact that there is space for an illuminated swimming pool in the basement next to the in-house sewage treatment plant with drinking water recovery is a miracle in itself. The house embodies the belief that one, as a citizen, should fulfill a social task – and its builders and users live in, on and with this ally.



awards for the project

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