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year: 2005 | typologie: public | status: complete

Picture 1 low.jpg

The Citizens Service of the City of Salzburg is located in Mirabell Palace, a palace complex built by the architect Fischer von Erlach, which today serves as the center of the city's administration. The castle is not only the seat of the mayor, it also includes the passport office and the municipal registry office. The information center for residents of the city, the citizen service, is also located on the ground floor. In order to create space for this contact point for city residents, existing fixtures and partitions and other structural sins of

the past had to be removed. The false ceiling has also been removed in order to restore the original spatial opulence. The counseling situations for the citizens are formally designed as islands in the room. This lightly floating furniture is made of textile to optimize the room acoustics. The floor is designed in three dimensions as a floating tray, which should appear as a floating body through a luminous gap to the wall. The necessary storage space is formulated spatially and creatively as a floating light installation with a text.

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