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jyear: 2012  | typologie: public | status: complete

Lechner Lechner Schallhamer

The table consists of 1,000 CNC-machined parts in total. These were glued and sanded to 110 segments, each consisting of ten elements. The individual segments were glued together layer by layer on site. Finally, the surface of the noble black walnut was massively impregnated with oil. The contour of the section in the middle of the table corresponds exactly to the contour of the municipality boundaries and the division also shows the course of the western motorway through Eugendorf. The meeting table comes into its own thanks to a built-in carpet on which the Flachgau and its community are depicted. The future the community representatives of Eugendorf will be able to take a seat at the 890 cm long, 480 cm wide and 2,600 kg heavy meeting table.

A combination of high-tech production and craftsmanship. The black walnut was processed and subsequently processed by the Elsenwenger carpenter's workshop in Flachau. The use of the black walnut (Juglans nigra) originating in North America comes from a plantation in Hungary. The walnut, which has an FSC certificate, guarantees that it is not overexploitation and also confirms that socially and environmentally friendly forest management is promoted. The design was implemented by combining high-tech production and craftsmanship. The Elsenwenger joinery brought master joiner Wolfgang Moser from Schleedorf to the production team, who bought a new machine especially to be able to carry out the complex milling tasks.

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