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interweaving of generations

year: 2020 | typology: social housing | status: completely

Wohnbau Farmachstraße GSWB, Salzburg in  Saalfelden,  Architekten ARGE lechner lechner schallhammer

@ Julian Höck

The non-profit housing development Farmschachstrasse is located in the town of Saalfelden in the state of Salzburg, Austria. The project was the result of an architectural competition, in which the design approach of the architects AGRE lechner lechner schallhammer, together with architect Johannes Schallhammer , was able to convince. The objective was to create

assisted living, social housing and living space near the center. The urban planning approach was to place five cube houses in a gap to allow views of the surrounding mountains. The cube houses are interwoven by a curved green and meeting area. This meeting area is equipped with plenty of seating and loungers, creating space for encounters.

Wohnbau Farmachstraße, Saalfelden. Architekten ARGE lechner lechner schallhammer

The buildings react to the topography and the local development. In the direction of the small-scale development in the west and along the slope, the building structure responds with a staggered height development. In the direction of Farmachstraße, the quarter opens up with two green areas.

A right of way is possible directly in front of the assisted living if necessary. Guest parking spaces are also provided for the assisted living. The community gardens and children's play areas in the traffic-calmed outdoor area create many opportunities for communication and integration. 

Wohnbau Farmachstraße GSWB, Saalfelden,  Architekten ARGE lechner lechner schallhammer
social housing Austria, Saalfelden , architects ARGE lechner lechner schallhammer
social hosuing Austria , Saalfelden / Architects lechner lechner schallhammer

The buildings do not have a back, but have an open design of equal value on all four sides. The facade is a pre-greyed wooden facade. The roofs have extensive greenery and photovoltaic systems. The two-sided "corner apartments" with wide diagonal views, as well as sun in the morning and evening and sunny balconies around the corner are particularly worth mentioning.

The bicycle spaces are placed under the cantilevered front area directly in the entrance area of ​​the individual houses. There is also a bus stop in the area of ​​the guest car park. The stationary traffic has mainly been relocated to the underground car park in order to create space for the meeting zone between the buildings.

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