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year: 2017 | typologie: commercial | status: complete


Space in space. In an existing ordination in the old town of Salzburg without the possibility of spatial expansion, space had to be found for an additional sterilization area. Spatial expansion into the outside space was not an option due to the protection of the urban backdrop, so space had to be found in the structure itself. This additional space was created by a bulge from the treatment room into the existing waiting room and formulated as a room installation in the

form of an upholstered wall with an integrated sofa. The sofa serves as a space-forming element that allows both rooms to interlock and significantly improves the acoustics of the waiting room. The color scheme and rhythm of the upholstery play formally with the floral painted, historical wooden ceiling. The wave-like structure forms a center of gravity which, as a place of security, gives the patient spatial support.

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