Furniture in the Landscape


proHolz Salzburg / Authorship with the publisher

The project is characterized by its dedicated architectural work in the area of the multi-family residential building. Special quality has the spatial development of the living area from the basement on the ground floor to 1. The upper floor: Worthy of particular mention is the design component of this residential building. Contemporary forms of architecture are implemented through timber construction and accentuated with innovative window treatments in the window area. The jury particularly appreciates these window details, where the glass is pulled over the frames for visual and wood preservation reasons. The design of the façade with larch wood slats is consistently worked through and gives the residential building a unique appearance. While the use of wood was skillfully handled in the building, the terrace construction shows that the constructive wood protection and a straight-lined structure did not receive the same attention. This needs to be revised for future projects.

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Haus der Zukunft
2000 | Austria
Architektur und Solarenergie
2000 | Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie
Bauen mit Holz
2000 | Reiner Stiftung | Austria, Germany, Switzerland
2000 | Salzburg | nomination
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