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Housing location Rif, Three-family-house

Christine Lechner

Horst Lechner


Authorship with the publisher or Anne Bauer, Ingrid Gumpinger & Eleonore Kleindienst


Space scarcity and high prices are forcing people to rethink construction in urban centers and leading to creative solutions. In this newly developed innovation, a third housing unit is wedged between two equally sized houses. The placement of this third house, which is higher the other two houses by one floor, creates a shared, covered outdoor area. Spacious, south-facing verandahs expand the sparse open space. Traditional elements are combined with the unconventional building structure to a cheerful assemblage (one of the apartments has the floor plan structure of a farmhouse with the central corridor as the location of the house or the use of the building material wood). Through the close linking of memory and innovation in housing and building technology, this house formulates a possible development of the modern age (authorship Roman Höllbacher)


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