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Unique Potential and Quality of Life

Leserbriefe | Salzburger Nachrichten | Author Andreas Eccli  | ogrinal text in german 

In a city increasingly victimized by mass tourism with the construction of numerous chain hotels and unbridled bus tourism, in which new buildings such as in Riedenburg or the retirement home in Nonntal are made visually bearable through excessive planting and for whose inhabitants a positive life experience could be made, in which the people in charge, along with countless experts hide, the large part of architects hide and wonder why people prefer the view of prefabricated houses, in this city with few and stagnant ideas, there is an exhibition organized by the Initiative Architektur that shows a unique vision.  


In their current exhibition “Salzach River” at the Künstlerhaus, the young architects, Horst Lechner and Lukas Ployer, address in their Master’s Project how the river can be successfully transformed into a livable space. In their unprecedented and elaborate work, they demonstrate in detail how the once-polluted Salzach and its largely unusable banks could be turned into a place to experience the river through countless places to sit and relax and terracing that leads to bathing pools integrated along the river. And from these areas, there would once again be the unique view of the city, which at the moment is usually reserved for restaurant guests. 

Everything shown is worked out to the last conclusive detail and detailed through models and supported by a richly illustrated and beautifully made book (which is available independent of the exhibition!), which makes the transformation concept easy to understand. Even before one finishes reading the book or leaves the exhibition, one already wishes to be able to experience these ideas. It remains to be seen if the city’s political parties recognize this untapped potential and work towards making this a reality. It would be more than worthwhile to implement further projects in Salzburg with these outstanding architects. 


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