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Horst Lechner grew up in the heart of the Salzburg Old Town. From a young age, his interest in the urban landscape and building structures led to lively discourse with his parents, who both worked as architects in Salzburg. Prior to his architecture studies, several of Horst’s architecture photos were featured in various publications such as “A10 new European architecture” and “Kulturland Salzburg”. Horst completed his architecture studies at the University of Art and Design Linz, the Politecnico di Milano in Italy and the Vilniaus dailės Akademija in Lithuania. During his studies, Horst participated in numerous architectural excursions in various countries such as the USA, Iran and Japan.

He has been a partner in the Lechner & Lechner architectural office since 2015. The master's thesis "Flussraum Salzach - Transformation zur Lebensader", developed together with Lukas Ployer, unexpectedly developed into a crowd puller. Due to the enormous demand, the exhibition in the Initiative Architektur was extended twice and published in large numbers. For this and for the further commitment to the sensual potential of the river, Horst Lechner and Lukas Ployer were awarded the scholarship of the architecture prize “Land Salzburg” in 2018. In 2021 Horst Lechner was sworn in as a civil engineer.


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