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Lukas (original size)

Lukas Ployer’s affinity for handcrafts developed in his childhood prior to his carpentry education. As a HTL student, Lukas worked on various construction sites where his work ranged from furniture making, masonry and carpentry to electrical work and locksmithing. A HTL is an engineering-focused post-secondary type of school for students between 15 and 19 in Austria. During his entrance examination at the University of Art and Design Linz, Lukas demonstrated his bold character when he noticed that the chairman of the examination board was sitting on a Gio Ponti Superleggera and asked him to stand up so he could look at it. Lukas was awarded the "Cojones Award" by his peers in 2014 for his bold concept of developing an entertainment slaughterhouse out of an empty shopping mall. His involvement in numerous study excursions as well as his studies at the Polticnico di Milano and the Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania have given him an extensive overview of the international architecture scene.

“As a young recent graduate of an Austrian art university, is it possible to change the history of Salzburg?” wrote the jury chairman of Salzburg’s State Architecture Prize in 2018. His diploma thesis “The Salzach River – Transformation into a Lifeline”, which he developed with Horst Lechner, demonstrates visions to reshape the Salzach into a place that city dwellers will yearn for. The aforementioned question will only be answered with time. Their project won the Salzburg State’s Architecture Scholarship Prize for its vision and for the awareness of the river it will bring to Salzburgers”. In 2021 Lukas Ployer was sworn in as a civil engineer.



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