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Positioned in the Middle

Salzburg  / Authorship with the publisher


... and hit the mark? With her new multi-brand store on Getreidegasse, Tanja Gündling deliberately and comfortably positions herself where nobody in Salzburg's fashion landscape wanted to be: right in the middle.


I wanted to do something fresh, modern, cool, something that does not yet exist”. As a longtime sales assistant at Dantendorfer, Tanja Güngling knows the brands offered in Salzburg and therefore, also their niches. What is still missing is the healthy middle. Youthful chic that moves away from hyped labels and expensive, high-end fashion, and instead focuses on designers who embody their own styles.

With labels like Drykon, Patrizia Pepe, Marlene Birger or even Boss, Tanja Gündling has positioned herself directly in the targeted team, which makes high demands on style and design, but also has justifiable prices.

Contemporary Old Town


Salzburg  / Authorship with the publisher 

A look into an attic extension on Linzergasse, which effortlessly unites all the ingredients of contemporary living.


Christine and Horst Lechner have been among the most celebrated and innovative architects in Austria for many years. The sensitive creativity that they put into their work leads to amazing singular solutions and aesthetically exciting buildings each and every time. In the case of the attic apartment in Salzburg's Old Town, it was important to give the owners the feeling that they could relocate their life in the middle of the city to the outside at will, all while complying with the strict regulations of the Old Town Preservation Foundation. The youthful, fresh, and fun atmosphere of the attic floor was occasionally generated by the turn to the elements of fire and water, both which create an ambience through crackling and bubbling, as well as fulfill their practical purposes. Classy materials in a modern-looking geometry give the living area a pleasantly cool balance and allude to wisdom from the Far East, which is thus pleasantly unobtrusively associated with the spirit of time, without enforcing it.


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