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year: 2000  | typologie: commercial| status: complete

Industriehalle 2000er

A bathroom and kitchen showroom have been implemented in a former factory building in Elsbethen near Salzburg. The basic design considerations revolve around the preservation of the functional industrial flair with the integration of a wellness atmosphere. The genius loci is further charged emotionally and expanded to include additional levels of spatial experience. The resulting showroom is divided into two areas: The office area is in

the large hall, two steps above the exhibition area, this strengthens the multifunctionality of the hall. The office area can be transformed into a stage by pushing the tables aside. Human encounters are also spatially differentiated. By increasing the work area, the person sitting at the desk is at eye level with the walking or standing exhibition visitor. This is how a meeting takes place on an equal footing.

The exhibition itself is structured by a “room within a room” concept using boxes in the exhibition area. These floating boxes contain the exhibits of the showroom. They contain fully equipped bathrooms, kitchens and other sanitary units in all variations on the original scale. The exhibition is rounded off by the "Metallic Wave", a curved metallic wall that zones the flow of space between the industrial facilities and the room. Here, fittings, showers and other individual exhibits are presented to the visitor. In addition to the staff area, the tea kitchen of the showroom also represents a meeting situation. This is designed as a glass, metal stand-up bar behind a backlit wall, which is also suitable for events.

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