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year: 2005 | typologie: ccommercial | status: concept

Atmospheric descriptions from Alibaba and the forty robbers from the fairy tales from “A Thousand and One Nights” were transformed into contemporary architecture. The desert is a place of longing in which the designed structure of the hotel is subordinate to the landscape. The desert hotel is hidden under the thin and thus becomes part of the desert. Building in dunes is already part of the structural normality in the United Arab Emirates, but so far it has only been implemented in the military sector. The suites and rooms of the hotel are lined up around a central, elongated lobby with a large water basin in the middle. The basin serves as a cooling surface for the hotel, which is modeled on the Arab and Iranian wind towers in its system. Many small light holes in the large hall make the ceiling and walls appear like a starry sky and create a mood like from a fairy tale from Thousand and One Nights. The suites give the residents a wide view of the desert and enable them to live in the great sea of ​​sand.

desert hotel designed by lechner lechner schallhammer

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