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year:: 2016  | typologie: commercial | status: concept


The planning area is located on the outskirts of the city, at the “Salzburg Mitte” motorway junction. The site housed the old Asfinag site until the new motorway maintenance depot was built on the opposite side of the motorway. For political reasons, Salzburg AG intends to rebuild its trolleybus depot on the former Asfinag site.

The aim is to create a spatially and functionally "multidimensional" place that strengthens both the north-east of the city, the neighborhood, urban development and public space. The formal idea of ​​this conception is to build a mountain. The advantage of the mountain typology is the better usability of the property right up to the motorway.







A conventional development on and next to the trolleybus depot. A green strip accompanying the motorway is required.

The buildings and the depot are pushed towards the freeway, the unusable green strip on the freeway moves into the center. The open space becomes playable.

In order to create the image of a mountain, the open space is pushed over the building. In order to maximize the quality of stay, the center of the quarter between the existing neighborhood and the new settlement facing the lake will be redesigned.

In order to expose the "mountain" down to the depths, it is traversed with "cheese holes". The principle: mountain + cheese = mountain cheese

The floors are accessed via the lighting holes, with the access cores ending directly below the slope. Glass bridges over the "cheese holes" connect them to the trail network on the slope. Apartments are assigned to the slope, and offices are located in the depth of the building, which are supplied with daylight from the holes. The parking deck is on the first floor directly above the trolleybus depot. 

The parking spaces are assigned to the development cores. The elevator or the stairs lead to the different floors from the parking deck. Individual "cheese holes" break through to this floor and illuminate it with daylight. Planting in these "haloes" contrasts with the atmosphere of the garage. The parking deck is projected at a sufficient height to be able to drive onto it with trucks.



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