Paul Lechner (*1993) is currently student at the Leopold Franzen University in Innsbruck. From a young age, Paul was exposed to both the creative and technical aspects of architecture through his family and developed a sensitivity for the art form. Paul has been a shareholder of Lechner & Lechner since 2015 and currently works there as a junior architect and contributed his economic expertise. In addition to his architecture studies, Paul has been studying economics at the Johannes Keppler University in Linz since 2013. Paul’s background in both architecture and economics has allowed him to bring a unique perspective to his work. His drive to combine these skills and develop into a multi-faceted architect led him to the US and Canada in 2018 to explore smart factories and the future of the industry, as well as learn about the important aspects of Amerian urban structures and classical modernism. In July 2018, Paul took part in the BASEhabitat summer school in Altmünster, where he learned about earth and bamboo construction and further developed his atmospheric perspective. Haptics and materiality have since become a more integral part of Paul’s approach to architecture.


Paul has been a keen rower since 2005 and has won numerous national and international competitions with his team. Highlights include winning the Austrian National Championships 2007 and 2009 in his respective age group. Since 2012, he has volunteered as a rowing instructor to promote young talent.