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Paul Lechner (* 1993) completed his bachelor's degree in architecture at the Leopold Franzen University in Innsbruck. He created the sensitization and intuition necessary for the creation of architecture early on, thanks to his family environment he was part of a broad professional discourse from an early age. He has been a partner at Lechner & Lechner since 2015 and contributes his expertise as an economist and junior architect. In addition to studying architecture, Paul spent a few semesters in economics at the Johannes Keppler University in Linz. The duality of his career gives him a special perspective and allows him to merge artistic and economic perspectives into a symbiosis.


He was able to expand his focus on urban planning topics in many layers during his student work at the Institute for Urban Planning in Innsbruck under Prof. Peter Trummer and through his bachelor thesis at Studio 1 & 2 as part of the Schwaz2040 study, a development concept for the city of Schwaz.


In July 2018 he took part in the BASE Habitat Summer School in Altmünster, where he was able to expand his atmospheric sensitivity and constructive knowledge of clay and bamboo construction. Haptics and materiality have since been deeply rooted in his progressive architectural mindset.

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