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Lechner & Lechner


Authorship Roman Höllbacher (Initiative Architektur u. proHolz)
(We translated the original text from German to English)

The building dates back to the beginning of the investigation period of this exhibition. Together with other buildings, such as the residential complex on Glantreppelweg or the daycare center in Taxham, it stands for a noticeable new beginning at the turn of the millennium, which was supported by a young generation of planners from Salzburg. Along with Hermann Schnöll, Gerhard Sailer, Edgar Spraiter and others, Horst and Christine Lechner were involved in the "Holzstoss" housing project initiated by the Architecture Initiative under the leadership of Max Rieder but ultimately failed. With the atrium house G. in Kuchl, built in 1993, the "Lechners" had long since delivered more than a talent test in timber construction.
At the three-family house "Furniture in the Landscape" in the Rif district of Halle, Christine and Horst Lechner are working on topics that are more topical than ever twenty years after construction. While the area surrounding the house on the outskirts of Hallein is characterized today as it was then by the process of urban sprawl with detached single-family homes, the design focuses on densification and thus ecological sustainability. How far the considerations had already progressed at that time is shown by the enormous accuracy with which these topics were pursued.
The wooden frame construction has a rear-ventilated facade with a 36 centimeter thick cellulose flake filling. Particular attention was paid to the design of the details. In order to emphasize a significant area, the triple glazing was placed over the window frames and sticks in order to insulate the construction in the area of ​​the soffits and to prevent disproportionate heat loss in this sensitive zone.
This culture of detail in the planning in conjunction with the precise craftsmanship make it clear why the house was rightly called a piece of furniture. The building, which has been implemented with great care, is actually more like a joiner's job than a carpenter's job. To date, the house has not suffered any planning-related damage and is architecturally as refreshing as it was when it was completed.

clients Bordhin-Borowiec, Schellhorn, Schinflauer
architecture Christine and Horst Lechner, Salzburg
structural design Zimmerei Berger junior, Hallein 
Timber construction carpentry Berger junior, Hallein

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